Frequently asked questions

It is simple. You pick the date, time and location with our booking system. Then, you just sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy your favorite show. No need to go to the auto shop anymore!

We accept cash, debit card, credit card and INTERAC Flash. You can pay it on service delivery. The payment is very simple: Service price + HST, including CASH.  

1, You should decide where to do your service. The location should be flat with enough room.
2, Bring the owner’s manual and wheel lock key if you have them.

We recommend that you should have wheel fasteners rechecked after 80 km of driving, or 7 days after the appointment. You can book a free re-torque in our booking system. 

Yes, each vehicle receives $5 off when scheduled together. For example: you have two cars for service. Then you will receive $5×2=$10 for discount.

Yes, you can. Please give us a cancellation notice in advance as soon as possible.  You can check out our Cancellation Policy for details.

Yes. If you refer our service to your friends, your friend use our service. Then you both will get $5 cash as rewards. There is no limit so that you might get your service for free once you have enough referrals.

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